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Launching June 2018

Pending FINAL APP Submissions

Our app is now available on Google Play.

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hearIQ Self-Fitting Hearing Aid App

The hearIQ Self-Fitting APP is a user controlled self-fitting program that uses Bluetooth wireless technology via a mobile phone for of various functions of the 64-channel smart hearing aid products.


Turn your mobile device into your own personalized controlled social hearing experience: The hearIQ Self-Fitting APP seamlessly allows you to control your hearing aids and how they perform and sound in many different environments. Whether you’re at a family gathering or at a dinner party or just having a conversation riding in the car the hearIQ Self-Fitting APP allows you to easily and discreetly control how and what you want to hear.


The hearIQ Self-Fitting App and its compatible hearing aids allows you to routinely test your own hearing anytime you want (recommended at least once a year for calibration of hearing aids) and the App will use those results to adjust and fine tune the hearing aids without going to a hearing healthcare professional.

Use the hearIQ Self-Fitting App to:

  •  (In- situ) Hearing Test -  Test Your Own Hearing through the Hearing Aids or Enter Audiometric Data
  •  Automatic Self-Fitting – Self Programmed from Your Test Results
  • Mode Changes - Change Listening Programs for different situations (general, restaurant, watching TV,   driving)
  • Custom Program –  Personalized Your Own Custom Hearing Settings
  • Volume Control – Adjust Left or Right Volume Settings
  • Power Management – Turn Off Hearing Aids
  • Noise Reduction – Controls Background Noise Levels
  • Feedback Cancellation – Eliminates the Squealing or Whistling from the Hearing Aids
  • Squelch Control – Reduces the Constant Noises, such as Fans, Heaters, Refrigerators
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGCo) – Prevents sound from becoming too loud or distorted
  • Check Battery Level – Indicator Showing Strength of each Hearing Aid Battery
  • Registration of Hearing Aids – Gives You Visibility of the Hearing Aids Connected and the Serial   Numbers.
  • Tutorial – A How to Guide of Explanations of all of the Various Functions of the APP 

Intended use:​

The hearIQ Self-Fitting APP is a tool for the user to adjust easy and convenient functions of the hearing aid(s).




The screen of your mobile device becomes a simple and easy visual display to control various functions your hearing aid(s). 

Device compatibility:
The hearIQ Self-Fitting APP is compatible with any iOS /Android device running Android 4.0 or higher public release. 

Hearing Aid Compatibility:
The hearIQ Self-Fitting APP is only compatible with iClear SR, iClear64PS, iNR64PS1, iNR64PS2 hearing aids.


Control signals:
The hearIQ APP generates short control signals when used to do Mode Change.

hearIQ Self-Fitting Hearing APP Screenshots

APP Home Page

Main Menu

Built-in Hearing Test

Individual Settings

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